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What people say about us...  

The Bin Doctor was awarded Best New Business in 2017 by the City of Coral Springs. This video was their creation to represent that award.

“All I can say is, why hasn't this service been available until now? The bin looked so clean, it was impressive. That's another chore off my to-do list. I recommend adding this to your regularly scheduled household services, in addition to pool/lawn/house-cleaning.” 

—  Tony Oustabassidis from Meadow Run


“You have to see it to believe it!! So, I am attaching our before and after photos after The Bin Doctor cleaned them! Not only did it disinfect & sanitize our disgusting deodorized them with a fresh clean scent! No more stinky garage odors creeping into our home! It's awesome!!”​

—  Lisa DaGrosa from Westview Village


“I just had a GREAT experience. A new service in Parkland/Coral Springs. The Bin Doctor comes to your house and cleans your garbage cans once a month. NICE!”​

- Rik Deitsch from Heron Bay


“I feel so much better now! Thank you Bin Doctor! What a difference, you can't appreciate how bad they were from the pictures (Nextdoor only lets me post 1! And they smell lovely now! I'm sold!.”​

—  Celeste Auger-Munshi from North Springs


Cust Review Megan.png
Hi Spiro,


You exceeded my expectations, they look good again. Thank you for the excellent service and communication from you and your staff, I can see why you were voted one of the top new business in Coral Springs.


Thank you again,



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