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The Bin Doctor is a local, family-owned company that offers sanitizing and disinfecting services for both residential and commercial locations 

About our service

Local Family Owned Service  

The Bin Doctor was started in Coral Springs, Florida by Christy and Spiro Edgos to protect their family from the harmful bacteria that was inside their trash and recycling bins stored inside the garage. Before The Bin Doctor was born, the Edgos family had two young ones in diapers and a Yorkie named Sammy. The contents of the bins produced by this family, combined with the heat of South Florida, it was impossible to walk through the garage and ignore the foul odors coming from the bins


If the Edgos family had this sort of problem, then there must be more families and homes that have similar issues. What better way to protect your own family and help the neighborhoods and community at large by bringing attention to a growing problem of mold and bacteria filled bins and providing a service to solve that problem!

Healthier lifestyle choice 

Take a minute to think about what you can actually place into your trash and recycle bins: food remnants (e.g., meat, fish, poultry, and dairy), used paper towels and wipes, soiled disposable diapers, pet waste, the contents of your vacuum cleaner, garden waste; and, the list goes on. In addition, you may be storing the bins inside your garage.

With The Bin Doctor's recommended monthly service, your trash and recycle bins will maintain a high level of hygiene. Taking out the trash will no longer be a menacing chore when you have a clean, sanitized and deodorized trash bin.

Better choice for the environment
In addition to protecting your family and home, The Bin Doctor is passionate about protecting the environment as well. If you are using chemicals to kill the bacteria in your trash & recycling bins, what are you doing with the residue and waste water?
Unlike the water that flows down the drains inside your home which goes to sewage treatment facilities, the storm drain system is completely separate. Water in the storm drain receives no treatment or filtering process. This means that the chemicals and waste water are getting washed into the storm drains and flowing directly into our canals, rivers and lakes, causing great harm to the ecosystem. In fact, dumping into public storm drains is illegal

The Bin Doctor collects all wastewater and deposits it safely at a local treatment and recycling facility. In addition, the cleaning process uses 15x LESS water than a typical washing with a garden hose.

Is The Bin Doctor the right choice for you?

Consider the following:

  • Do you worry about the health of your family, children, pets and your belongings?

  • Do you have concerns of rats, raccoons, possum, cockroaches, maggots, flies…?

  • Do you have issues with the foul odor of the bins?

  • Do you want to protect the environment by conserving water and avoiding the disposal of chemicals & bacteria down the public storm drains?

  • Do you prefer to spend your free time with loved ones and enjoying other activities?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, then you need The Bin Doctor!                        

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