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Dumpster Sanitizing Service!


Our commercial service provides the same high standard of cleanliness as afforded to our residential users and is ideally suited for commercial properties with front loading dumpsters from 2 to 8 yards in depth.

  • Decreases the amount of rodents

  • Eliminates any code and health violations

  • Protects the environment

  • Protects the residents and customers in the area

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​Ideal for the following locations:

Dumpster and dumpster pad cleaning is very important for the overall health and safety of customers and employees. In addition, it can create a very negative appearance and bad representation of your business. If commercial dumpster and dumpster pads are not cleaned on a regular basis, it can cause environmental and health issues including violations to the local authorities. Regular service of your dumpster pad is highly recommended to prevent rodent issues, bacteria growth, odors and slip and fall accidents. Falls are very commonly caused by grease and other slippery materials commonly found in dumpster pad areas. Our environmentally friendly service provides degreasing, deodorizing and sanitizing service to the interior and exterior of the dumpster container and to the entire dumpster pad area.

Call us for more details and rates.

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