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Your complimentary service for 1 trash bin and 1 recycling bin per household will be from April 4th through the end of January of 2023.

Please view the schedule below for when your bins will be cleaned. If your address is not listed below, it hasn't been schedule as of yet. But it will be soon. Every couple days another month will be posted.  Please bear with us as we have many homes to service over the next ten months.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and patience as we service the wonderful City of North Lauderdale!

Here are some ways your can search for your service day. 

  1. You can search by  map based on your pickup days. Just go to the tab of your pickup day

  2. You can search by address range, this gives you the days we will service between two addresses.

  3. You can download the full spreadsheet to search your address on the tab for your pick up day. 

Additional Scheduling will be added every couple weeks

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